10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

A big focus of mine over the last few years has been painting our interior.  We started with the trim and doors, and how I am focusing on freshening up the 1990s beige walls.  I have been blown away at the difference a coat of paint can make. While I have been brave and painted my bathroom blue and the laundry green. The rest of the walls I have kept fairly neutural. As I gear myself up to finish painting the last two rooms of my house, I wanted to share 10 quick tips for choosing paint colour that I have learnt along the way.

10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

#1. Please don’t buy paint straight from the colour swatch

Buying a 4L paint tin using only the colour swatch under the store’s fluorescent lights very rarely works out.

#2. Pick your fabrics first and then the paint colour

A classic design rule … when painting a room, match the paint to your upholstery, inspiration piece or other fabrics in the room. It’s much hard the other way.

#3. Collect colour swatches to narrow down your options

Paint swatches are a great way to help you narrow down your chooses. However, don’t rely on the colour swatch alone. 10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

#4. Paint drys darker than it appears on the paint swatch

Wet paint will also appear lighter than when it’s dry. Gloss paint appears lighter than a flat matt paint. Ceilings also appear darker than walls, which is why ceiling paint is often lighter than the wall colour.

#5. Test colour with sample pots first

Sample pots are an inexpensive way to try out the colour … I have a whole box of sample pots at home! They are also great for small painting jobs and other DIY projects.

#6. When trying out samples … always apply 2 coats

Most paints recommend applying 2 coats. So when painting a sample on the wall also apply 2 coats to get a real sense of what the finished colour will look like.

10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

#7. Consider the light in the room

It’s important to consider the lighting in the room when painting the walls. View your paint sample at different times of the day. I also like to paint a sample on different walls in a room. Live with the colour for a few days to see if I really like it.

#8.What looks amazing in one house may not suit another

What looks amazing on the walls of your family and friends may not suit your home … and vice versa. Different furnishings, floor covering and colours, and lighting will affect paint colour.

10 Quick Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

#9. Choose the right type of paint for your job

There are many speciality paints on the market. Whether you’re painting the exterior of your house, the bathroom tiles, laundry walls or the concrete driveway … there will be a paint to suit your needs. Choose the right paint to match the job for lasting results.

#10. Choosing the right sheen

Most companies will offer at least flat, satin and gloss options. As a general rule of thumb … the higher the sheen, the greater the durability. Flat paints are often used on walls as they hide imperfections better. Satin is often used on bathroom or kitchen wall paints, and gloss is a good option for trim.

I have saved some of my favourite colour combinations and inspiration on Pinterest.

What are your favourite tips for choosing paint or paint colour?

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20 responses

  1. These are great tips for choosing paint color. As an interior designer I can tell you most people struggle with this. This post will be helpful for many making this decision.


  2. You really covered all the major points in choosing a paint color. The biggest takeaway for me would be choosing textiles before choosing wall color. It’s true, much easier to choose paint color after textiles have already been chosen. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great tips and sometimes with paint…it may take more than a day for the paint to settle into its correct hue…I know this to be true when painting furniture…I would say the same for walls, but I am not 100% sure.


  4. I am color blind so it is extremely hard for me to choose colors. The paint store I buy paint from has a
    very good colorist who has always picked out my colors and I am always pleased with the results.
    What I do is I tell her the general color but not the hue. I tell her the feel that I want and she then
    figures out what I want.
    I always bring in any fabric or pictures or paintings I will be working with.
    Love the little sample idea! Thanks for the tips!


    • My husband is also colour blind … he always wants much stronger colours than me, particularly greens. Having a good colourists you trust is gold! Thanks for stopping by 😀


  5. Thanks for the great information!

    By the way, I would love to have you post on my new blog hop—the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home (www.myflagstaffhome.com). It begins on Thursday evenings and lasts through the weekend, if you’re interested.



  6. North facing rooms are the hardest for me to choose proper paint colors. Everything is a lot darker and takes on a more blue tone. Sample pots are essential! Thanks for your helpful tips. 🙂


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